Monday, October 09, 2006

Why German Kids Can Push That Log

Breakfast, as served by Frau Hanzlicek each morning in Frankfurt:

1. A plate of sliced meats, including at least one of the following: ham, salami, summer sausage, ham sausage with fat chunks, soft squishy sausage, and, twice in five days, sliced turkey meat.
2. A plate of cheese, with at least three, sometimes four varieties, including the soft squishy cheese.
3. A basket of bread including a hard roll, two pieces of wheat bread, and a piece of hard, granular bread made from wood scraps.
4. A container of yogurt, also soft and very squishy.
5. Orange juice from a can, judging by the taste.
6. Coffee.
7. A piece of fruit such as a nectarine or peach, but never soft nor squishy.

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