Monday, October 16, 2006

A Modest List of Things John Calvin

His favorite jeans?
His favorite college?
His favorite president?
His favorite NFL running back?
His favorite comic strip?
His favorite chemical sequence?
His favorite New York literati?
His Favorite NBA player?


Calvin Kleins (but not too tight and not too low)

Calvin College (naturally, their sweatshirt with his Calvin Kleins)

Calvin "Silent Cal" Coolidge (30th President of these here United States--Dorothy Parker, who upon being informed of his death, sardonically asked, "How could they tell?)

Calvin Hill (first Dallas Cowboy to have 1,000 yards rushing in a season and a team with great cheerleaders)

Calvin and Hobbes (but just for the philosophical parts)

The Calvin Cycle (featuring his personal obsession--carbon fixation!)

Calvin Trillin (staff writer for the venerable if not creaky New Yorker just because he likes the funny last name)

Grant Hill (of the Detroit Pistons and Orlando Magic, nepotisically relate to Calvin Hill above)

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