Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sorting Out Religious Priorities

I'm indebted to Uncle Pike for pointing out this Class 1 example of how religion can create whole categories of priorities that have nothing whatsoever to do with the essentials of Christianity--it probably also helps if you know something about church life in Little Bit of Dutch Heaven, a.k.a., West Michigan.

In the 14 October, 2006, "Religion" section of the GR Press was a story about Vos Construction, a local company that just completed it's 150th church building project (a well-deserved "woo-hoo!" for Vos, everyone). Among the kudos for Vos Construction was this comment by a local church that began working on a budget for a new building and discovered--oh my!--they didn't have enough money for a steeple. Enter Vos Constuction.

Direct quote from the pastor: "They helped us get to the point where we could get rid of the nonessentials to allow us to put a steeple on the church."

There you have it--cut out all the non-essential crap, just make sure you've got a steeple, because nothing says authentic Christianity like a steeple. In fact, get two if possible.

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