Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sailor Boy is now Hula Boy

SB/HB has landed in Honolulu, staying at a "luxury" Navy housing high-rise, affording a 15-story view from the top floor of Pearl Harbor and Wakiki. It's luxury because each man has a private room with cable TV and a queen bed. But it won't last long--for the next several months, the sub will have 260 people on board instead of 150, which means alternating a bunk with someone (and he didn't get to choose the someone).

So far he tried to get caught up on sleep, visited the Arizona memorial, and went to the beach. Today (Wed) the sub arrives, and they do a crew change. From then on it's mostly work and no shore leave. They will, however, get to do some live fire practice with various guns and torpedos. The bright spot is a lay-over in San Diego on the way home to Bremerton in May--something to look forward to. As Grandpa Squire always said, "Stay out of Balboa Park!" Of course that advice stems from 1944.

SB/HB sends his love to all.


Call It Courage said...

I was in Balboa Park this last Sunday!!! (Shhh, don't tell Grandpa)

(Also, I brought a husband for protection)

dmandman said...

Yes, but we have pictures of you in San Diego with the sailors.