Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Ladies, God Bless'em

"The Woman’s Missionary Union president, Mrs. W. J. Cox, was invited to give the report for 1929. A number of men objected and introduced a resolution that 'we earnestly protest the president of the W.M.U. or any other woman addressing this Convention.' It appeared Mrs. Cox might not be allowed to speak, but the convention president, George W. Truett, said firmly, 'Brethren, let us hear the gentlewoman.' Truett’s powerful personality carried the day, but even so some men walked out. In addition to her report, Mrs. Cox could not refrain from ad-libbing, 'No woman went to sleep in the garden. No woman denied Him. No woman betrayed Him. But it was a woman, acting in intuition, who tried to save Him.'"

From Women in Baptist Life by Leon McBeth (Nashville: Broadman Press, 1979, p. 120).

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