Friday, September 29, 2006

Why I Like Sticky Notes for Bookmarks

Sticky notes make the best bookmarks. They are cheap, recyclable, and stay in place week after week like a well-trained Labrador.

Things, which in my experience, do not work as well:

1. Bits of paper, torn from a newspaper, in-flight magazines, napkins, or court summons—they slip out, blow out, or drop out, thus failing the reliability factor. Or you lose them on purpose.
2. Paperclips—there’s always a sharp tip that catches and tears the page, proving that “clip” is thus a double entendre.
3. Boarding pass—see 1. above, as well as creating the embarrassment of looking for your boarding pass while it’s stuck into a book tucked under your armpit.
4. Other books—the lack of effectiveness is directly proportional to the thickness of book two, known as the “Rotterdam Theorem” (named after Erasmus, it’s first formulator or the constriction of two English words when you’ve lost your place— again).
5. Attorney’s statement—an annoying reminder of things best forgotten.
6. Small hand tools—doubly annoying when hanging pictures or doing home wiring.
7. Any strip of cardboard with a string attached—just furthering someone’s commercial agenda at your expense.
8. All surgical tools—obviously.

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