Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hope for Living

A serial drama based on the foibles and frustrations of love and friendships.

Disclaimer: All characters depicted in Hope for Living are fictional creations and any resemblance to persons living, dead, living but appearing dead, or actually dead but appearing to be alive, are completely coincidental. Hope for Living features exaggeration; entendre in single, double, or other multiple forms; humor--intentional, unintentional, or failed; and life’s absurdities, mercilessly compressed into three segments. These qualities are to be expected and celebrated. As a reflection of reality, it is not real and more than real. As a work of fiction, it represents no one and everyone.

Viewers, whose early, unchecked tendencies toward perfectionism were imprinted upon spelling and grammar by overly rigid fourth-grade teachers, may feel squeamish or be outraged. These viewers are advised to read/watch other blogs.

Further Disclaimer: No actual bears were educated in the production of this program.

Paste the URL into your browser address bar if necessary or just darn curious.

Episode 1: Depressed Man Discovers That Bears Love All Things
(with rare guest appearance by J$Blogger)

Episode 2: Depressed Man Discovers the Honey Do’s and Don’ts

Episode 3: Depressed Man Discovers Why You Snooze, You Lose

Episode 4: Depressed Man Discovers Why There’s Always a Catch

Episode 5: Depressed Man Discovers Why You Can’t Have Your Cake

Episode 6: Depressed Man Discovers the Importance of Vowel Movement

Episode 7: Depressed Man Discovers Choice Is Overrated

Episode 8: Depressed Man Discovers Why Silence Is Unheard of

Episode 9: Depressed Man Discovers Why Ring Tones Are So Annoying

Episode 10: Depressed Man Discovers Why You Take It with a Grain of Salt

Episode 11: Depressed Man Discovers Why Ants Make You Say “Uncle.”

Episode 12: Depressed Man Discovers Why You Can’t Shoo Flies from the Pie

Episode 13: Depressed Man Discovers That Truth Is Stronger Than Diction

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