Sunday, December 17, 2006

Freaky Conjunctions of Randomness?

Earlier in the week: Joanna meets with her posse at Subway in Middleville and is introduced to the new youth director at a nearby church.

Saturday: Joanna and Dennis clean up kitchen. Dennis mentions that the tablecloth he is putting on the table, as well as the dishes and silverware were purchased for a dinner with a former female friend that didn't happen because she got sick. FFF and Dennis subsequently parted.

Saturday night: Matt and Dennis visit a local church to hear Matt's guitar teacher play in the band. The band rocks out the house. On the way to the foyer for Christmas cookies and punch, Dennis sees someone out of the corner of his eye that looks like the FFF.

Moments later: Across the room Dennis sees the husband of the nemesis who spearheaded Peggy's departure from Middleville. Shivers runs up or down Dennis's spine. Oddly, nemesis is nowhere to be seen--could husband be escaping nemesis?

Several moments later: Matt tells Dennis he has a call. It is FFF who WAS at the church and thought she recognized Dennis, her FMF.

Many minutes later: FFF reveals that new youth director at local church is actually her youngest son. Neither realizes that son has already met Joanna. Dennis has never met youngest son.

Some indeterminate minutes later: Dennis accidentally hangs up the call in mid-sentence, which would force FFF to call information once again to get his number and call back. She does.

Many, many minutes later: Dennis and FFF have rehashed past four years of life experiences and agree to meet for coffee at some indefinite date after the holidays.

Question: Freaky, random coincidences or practical Calvinism at work???


jillman said...

coincidence?....I Think Not Not!

Wlupus Borealis said...

reads like a frightfully typical week for me in Mad-Town - a momentum of personal history which I have doubtlessly (free)wilfully and witlessly creatively triggered, but which God no doubt in some mysterious fashion intends, shapes and refashions to His glorious illumination in the dimness of my presence!

DougieB said...

Simply had to share this (apologies if this shows up twice, blogger never simply likes to allow me to log in the first time)