Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Truer Words Seldom Spoken

"Like a city in dreams, the great white capital stretches along the placid river from Georgetown on the west to Anacostia on the east. It is a city of temporaries, a city of just-arriveds and only-visitings, built on the shifting sands of politics, filled with people passing through. . . . They come, they stay, they make their mark, writing big or little on their times, in the strange, fantastic, fascinating city that mirrors so faithfully their strange, fantastic, fascinating land in which there are few absolute wrongs or absolute rights, few all-blacks or all-whites, few dead-certain positives that won't be changed tomorrow; their wonderful, mixed-up, blundering,stumbling, hopeful land in which evil men do good things and good men do evil in a way of life and govenment so complex and delicately balanced that only Americans can understand it and often they are baffled."
--Advise and Consent by Allen Drury (1959)

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Gnawsome Gnat the Eldest said...

I've enjoyed my hike in your blog, Wise Avuncular One.

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